A Police Dog Courtesy of Bordo

Bordo is honored to support our local South Gate Police Department with the gift of a specially-trained police dog. The dog performs many aspects of canine law enforcement including: detecting illicit substances such as narcotics and explosives, suspect tracking and apprehension, and many other aspects of public law enforcement. In fact, the South Gate K9 unit is so successful that our dog is frequently loaned out to assist other local law enforcement agencies.

Since the early 1970’s, police dogs have performed an essential array of services for law enforcement in the United States. Bordo is proud to be a part of this institution, and of our ongoing contribution to the City of South Gate and our local community.

Bordo is a Continuing Police Explorer Sponsor

For well over a decade Bordo has provided annual and special-needs financing for the South Gate Police Explorers program. The Police Explorers program offers local youth the opportunity to interact with police personnel in order to promote an understanding of local police activity, with an eye toward a possible career in law enforcement - in fact, more than 40% of police explorers go on to become police officers.

While in the program, explorers supplement the police department in many activities and learn about daily operations. Bordo is proud to be a continuing sponsor of this important program for local youth and law enforcement in South Gate, California.

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