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The Bordo story.

Located in the Los Angeles area, Bordo was founded in 1958 and has customers all over the United States. For more than sixty years, Bordo has enjoyed serving the aerospace, construction equipment, oil field, electronics, and related commercial industries. Our diverse hardware has flown aboard Apache helicopters during Desert Storm, pumped oil from the ocean floor in China, Ecuador, and the north coast of Alaska, and pumped concrete and raised personnel on construction sites all over the world. Our location in one of the world’s foremost manufacturing centers means competitive pricing and reliable deliveries from Bordo.
bordo building outside

The Bordo Facility in South Gate, CA

A Full Spectrum of Top-Quality Manufacturing Services
Over the years, Bordo has built and retained an excellent team of experienced personnel, able to manage projects from initial design, through first-run and production to final shipment. Bordo delivers prototype and production quantities of precision-turned, milled and fabricated components manufactured to your drawings and specifications using state-of-the-art processes and equipment. Bordo has developed an extensive range of capabilities in precision CNC turning and milling, as well as conventional machining. Bordo’s AWS D1.1 certified fabrication department provides precision weldments for vehicle chassis, steering and drive components, scissor arm assemblies, work platforms, and concrete placement systems.
Bordo is comfortable in all phases of the manufacturing cycle: prototype, pilot run, large-scale production, single lot, or annual contract… it’s all standard operating procedure at Bordo. Cost-saving ideas, ongoing partnerships, and dedication to our customers have yielded ongoing relationships that span more than thirty years.

In addition to precision machining and fabrication, our sister companies, Accurate Steel Treating, and Accurate Ion Technologies, offer state-of-the-art facilities for your heat-treating requirements. Accurate Steel Treating has become the largest specialty tooling heat-treating company west of the Mississippi. Accurate Ion Technologies offers cutting-edge capability in the new and very specialized field of Ion Nitriding. Accurate Ion Technologies has the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment in the United States, operated by the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians in the business. Our newest addition is Metalsport, Inc., a manufacturer, and distributor of wheels, parts, and accessories for custom-built motorcycles. Click on the Sister Companies tab on the left for more information about our sister companies and the products and services that they offer.

In 2020 Bordo celebrates 62 years in the manufacturing industry with a continuing reputation for integrity, reliable quality, and outstanding customer service; and we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all of our loyal customers who remain at the foundation of our success.

Whether you are a new customer or have done business with Bordo for decades; whether your purchases are large or small; our dedicated team is ready to support your needs with a full spectrum of top-quality manufacturing services.

Let us prove our commitment to you by delivering a cost-effective, high-quality product on schedule; every time. Contact us today and put the Bordo team to work for you.

Our Sister Companies

metalsport wheels

MetalSport, Inc. has been a high-end custom wheel manufacturer for years, catering to the elite, big-name celebrity bike builders; as well as those looking for the most unique, high-end wheels for their builds. In addition to having relationships with famed designers like Chip Foose, Eddie Trotta, and Matt Hotch (to name a few), the company has always had an edge in the industry, bringing an intense styling to the market that is not available anywhere else.

The recent change in ownership has allowed MetalSport, Inc. to reach an entirely new level of quality and service, utilizing Bordo's many years of advanced machining experience to further develop and improve our already remarkable product line. For more information please visit metalsportwheels.com.

accurate steel treating

Accurate Steel Treating operates one of the most advanced heat-treating facilities in the industry. We offer unmatched expertise in normal and high-pressure vacuum heat-treating, precision carburizing, and gas and ion nitriding, all in a production environment designed for quick turn-around and reliable results, every time. With decades of hands-on knowledge and the latest state-of-the-art equipment, we provide our customers with a level of quality and service second to none.

Started in 1962, Accurate Steel Treating has grown to become the largest tool steel heat-treating facility west of the Mississippi. We serve a nationwide market and offer daily pick-up and delivery service with a fleet of fourteen trucks serving most of Southern California. For more information, visit our website or call us at (800) 622-4328.

accurate ion technologies

Accurate Ion Technologies was established in 1998 with the introduction of the ECO-GLO™ process for Ion-Plasma Nitriding. ECO-GLO™ is the most advanced case-hardening process available today for steel materials. With five modern, large-capacity Ion-Nitriding units, Accurate Ion Technologies provides you with the flexibility and fast turnaround that keeps you ahead of your competition. Accurate Ion Technologies is a full-service company offering you a wide range of services including Application Engineering, Research and Development, Metallurgical Testing, and Tooling Design. In addition, fourteen delivery trucks and our team of radio-dispatched drivers provide you with free, daily pick-up and delivery service over a 15,000-square-mile area in Southern California.

At Accurate Ion Technologies, we perform Ion-Plasma Nitriding for some of the most critical commercial applications on earth - and for some of the most demanding customers. Our proven track record for quality and delivery, and our company-wide commitment to outstanding customer service, make Accurate Ion Technologies your preferred choice for advanced Ion-Plasma Nitriding. For more information, visit our website or call us at (562) 928-1868.


What's new at Bordo...

police dog

A Police Dog Courtesy of Bordo

Bordo is honored to support our local South Gate Police Department with the gift of a specially-trained police dog. The dog performs many aspects of canine law enforcement including detecting illicit substances such as narcotics and explosives, suspect tracking and apprehension, and many other aspects of public law enforcement. In fact, the South Gate K9 unit is so successful that our dog is frequently loaned out to assist other local law enforcement agencies.

Since the early 1970s, police dogs have performed an essential array of services for law enforcement in the United States. Bordo is proud to be a part of this institution, and of our ongoing contribution to the City of South Gate and our local community.

bordo police explorer group

Bordo is a Continuing Police Explorer Sponsor

For well over a decade Bordo has provided annual and special-needs financing for the South Gate Police Explorers program. The Police Explorers program offers local youth the opportunity to interact with police personnel in order to promote an understanding of local police activity, with an eye toward a possible career in law enforcement - in fact, more than 40% of police explorers go on to become police officers.

While in the program, explorers supplement the police department in many activities and learn about daily operations. Bordo is proud to be a continuing sponsor of this important program for local youth and law enforcement in South Gate, California.

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